BDMAT Value Spotlight – Hope

We’ve all heard the phrase “there is always hope”, usually at the darkest moment in the plot of a film or book, when things look really bad.  Hope is a part of our very humanity that pops up when we most need it, when we feel like the challenges we face are too much.  Thinking […]

The Importance of Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

Mental health is an integral part of our overall well-being, influencing how we operate psychologically, emotionally, and socially. As we mark this Mental Health Awareness Week at BDMAT, it is crucial to understand the importance of mental health awareness in the workplace, how it contributes to a positive working environment and how we can call […]

What has flat packed furniture got to do with it?

Almost all organisations have a mission, a vision and set of values.  They are seen as fundamental to any organisation’s identity strategy and culture, setting out what the organisation does, why it does what it does and how it intends to do go about doing it. But what do all of these terms really mean? What is the difference between a mission […]

Understanding Autism

Every year, on April 2nd, the world comes together to observe World Autism Awareness Day. This is a day dedicated to increasing understanding and acceptance of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Autism is a complex neurological condition that affects individuals differently, influencing how they perceive the world, communicate, and interact with others. As we commemorate this […]

How should trust performance be measured?

Like it or not, multi-academy trusts operate in an environment of high-risk accountability. As tax-payer funded organisations it is only right that there are measures in place to assess the impact of public funds.  Tom Kershaw, Education Market Specialist at IRIS Software Group, interviewed our Dr Christopher Mansell regarding Ofsted’s MAT Summary Evaluations, which are […]

It all started with a caterpillar. A very hungry caterpillar…

Our Deputy CEO, Simon Bentley, tells us about his favourite books. It all started with a caterpillar.  A very hungry caterpillar.  At least, when I think back to my childhood the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle conjures up some fond childhood memories for me.  It is the first book I can remember reading with […]

Our Reading Strategy

Reading is a great habit. At BDMAT we have an ambition that all children love reading.  Reading is a fundamental part of our vision and education strategy.  We all know that children who are competent readers are better equipped to access education by understanding the content of a particular lesson or independent reading. The Literacy […]

Staff Well-being

We know staff well-being can be impacted upon by all sorts if issues, both from our place of work and home life.

A Truly Inclusive Organisation

Within our ambitions is a key focus to ensure that those groups who have been traditionally ‘underserved’ by society.
Screenshot of the landing page on the new BDMAT website

New Website

We’re delighted to launch our new look website with a fresh new look, a simplified layout, improved navigation, and more in-depth information, we hope you love it as much as we do. Some of the great features of this site include:  COMING SOON!  During the Spring Term we’ll also be launching new look school websites.