A Truly Inclusive Organisation

Given the Trust was founded foundation by the Diocese of Birmingham you will not be surprised to see one of of strategic ambitions puts being a truly inclusive Christian organisation as our first priority; our key focus is to ensure that all pupils are supported and can achieve their potential.

In recent years the term ‘disadvantaged‘ has been widely used to describe pupils that face additional challenges to their peers. This is demonstrated by the inequality gap in academic attainment that is so often referred to. Pupils living in deprivation perform worse than those that aren’t. Pupils with additional needs (SEND) perform worse than those without additional needs. Pupils who do not speak English as a first language perform worse than those that do.

Like everyone working in the sector, we don’t accept this inequity is a ‘given‘, and want to support all pupils achieve. We feel that the term disadvantaged has been so commonly used that its meaning has become diluted and, unfortunately, it has developed some negative connotations. We believe the term underserved better captures the reality – that groups of people have not been equitably and fairly supported and offered the same opportunities as others as so eloquently explained by Olivia Taylor in her speech.

Of course there remain significant social, economic and political barriers for many groups. Our ambition is to remove the negative impact of these barriers on our children, allowing them the opportunity to flourish throughout their education.