BDMAT has re-designed its website to ensure that it is accessible to everyone. We have an understanding of how different people access the internet, and have developed a site that is clear, concise and easy to use.


The layout of the website has been created to make the website as accessible as possible for users with special requirements or impairments. The colours used on the site have been selected so contrast does not affect ease of reading. Most of the images used on the website include descriptive captions; those that don’t have been used purely for decorative purposes.

At the top of each page you will find the website’s primary navigation. The secondary navigation elements can be found on individual pages. To be directed to the homepage at any point simply click on the Home logo in the top left corner.


This site uses PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file format commonly used for the publication of large and complex documents online. Most modern web browsers can already open PDF files, however you may wish to use Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. Download the software at


For an online translation of a webpage try using either the Google Translate Plugin or the built-in translate functions in Microsoft EdgeDevices

The website has been designed to be as accessible to as many users as possible, and the pages have been optimised to be viewed across a multitude of devices including laptops, tablets, mobile phones and desktop computers.


We are committed to making the website as accessible as possible to users with disabilities, including users who may be blind or partially sighted.

The design of our website includes a number of accessibility features including:

  • A common design throughout, consistent with normal conventions for web design.
  • We do not use other proprietary publishing formats such as Shockwave Flash. We do use technologies such as Javascript appropriately to avoid creating accessibility barriers
  • A simple top page navigation. All users should find the information they need with the fewest number of clicks as the website is only one level deep – we have intentionally designed the website to be as flat as possible.
  • A search function

Contact us

We are committed to continuously developing the website’s editorial guidelines to ensure we always produce accessible content. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of this website, please email [email protected]