Birmingham Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust is a West Midlands based multi-academy trust committed to providing high quality education for all the children in our schools through collaboration, challenge and targeted support.

We are guided by our Christian mission and aim to ensure that our pupils and staff enjoy ‘life in its fullness’ (John 10:10). Our purpose of ensuring high quality education is delivered through shared best practice across our family of schools combined with support from our central team, set within a Christian ethos.


Life in all its fullness

How can we prepare you for the fullness of life? We start with the most important thing. You. Then we add Hope, Honesty, Integrity, Helpfulness, Respect, Dignity and Wisdom.
But its where it gets you that matters.
And who you get there with.

Latest News

BDMAT Value Spotlight – Hope

We’ve all heard the phrase “there is always hope”, usually at the darkest moment in the plot of a film or book, when things look really bad.  Hope is a part of our very humanity that pops up when we most need it, when we feel like the challenges we face are too much.  Thinking […]

The Importance of Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

Mental health is an integral part of our overall well-being, influencing how we operate psychologically, emotionally, and socially. As we mark this Mental Health Awareness Week at BDMAT, it is crucial to understand the importance of mental health awareness in the workplace, how it contributes to a positive working environment and how we can call […]

What has flat packed furniture got to do with it?

Almost all organisations have a mission, a vision and set of values.  They are seen as fundamental to any organisation’s identity strategy and culture, setting out what the organisation does, why it does what it does and how it intends to do go about doing it. But what do all of these terms really mean? What is the difference between a mission […]